For the first time, the Israeli state prosecution argued on Tuesday that the Israeli decision to construct the Separation Wall in Jerusalem area stems from political considerations, in addition to security purposes.

Israeli prosecution handed an extended panel of 11 High Court justices who convened on Tuesday, a document which admits to political motivations behind the construction of the Wall.

The panel convened to discuss petitions against the construction of the Wall in Jerusalem area. 

The document clearly states that when dealing with the construction of the Wall within the municipal boundaries of Jerusalem, the route of the Wall has political implications and ramifications.

Aharon Barak, Chief Justice at the Israeli High Court of Justice, said that Israel “has the right to construct the wall along Jerusalem municipal borders, therefore “the question whether the construction in Jerusalem is security of politically motivated becomes irrelevant”, according to Barak.

Also, Barak argued that the residents of al-Ram neighborhood near Jerusalem do not have the right to argue against the “Israeli right to build the Wall inside its borders”. 

Referring to the Wall in the West bank, Barak said that the motives behind constructing the Wall have great importance and that if the Wall was constructed along the Green Line route, no legal argument could be used against Israel.