Palestinian sources said on Wednesday that shooting and an explosion were heard in Balata refugee camp during a visit by the Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei.

The Associated Press reported that Abbas was visiting the camp to talk to the resistance groups in a sports club in the camp, when some of the fighters shot few bullets in the air, and others outside the building shot several bullets at the building.  The bullets did not penetrate the walls, AP said.

AP added that an explosive device detonated as Qurei and his entourage, including several cabinet ministers, was leaving the camp. No injuries were reported. 


Resistance fighters have been angered by the Palestinian Authority’s treatment of them, according to the AP report.

Mahmoud al-Khatib, who said he fired at the building, said he acted out of anger and frustration at how officials treated his father, who was jailed by Israel 21 years.

‘When my dad came out of jail, the Palestinian Authority didn’t help him with anything,’ he said. ‘Officials live in luxury, and we, the ones who gave so much to Palestine, have gotten nothing.’

‘I reached a point where I’m willing to kill so I can take back my rights, my father’s rights, and the rights of all those like us,’ he said.