Abdul-Fattah Hamayel, head of the Deportees and Wanted Fighters Committee, denied a report that a deal was struck to disarm the fighters and absorb them in the Palestinian security devices.

Hamayel said that Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmad Qorei did not arrive to an agreement with some of the fighters in Nablus to hand in their weapons and join the security devices.

The statements of Qorei came following news which reported that a deal was arrived regarding this issue.

Also, Hamayel said that the P.A cannot ask the detainees to disarm while their cities and villages are still under Israeli control, and that the issue of wanted fighters will be discussed and solved in every Palestinian controlled area.

“The army will withdraw from Qalqilia next week, and when the P.A security controls Qalqilia, the committee will discuss the fighters cases and solve it”, Hamayel added.

Hamayel also said that the committee does not have any scheduled meetings with Israeli officials in the near future, but expressed hopes that this file will be solved and permanently closed.

220 armed fighters to hand their weapons to the P. A

A senior P.A source reported that the Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmad Qorei agreed with 220 armed resistance fighters in Nablus, wanted to the Israeli security, to hand in their weapons to the P.A and join its security devices.

The P.A pledged to protect them and take care of the needed arrangements of their daily livelihood.

This agreement is similar to earlier agreements between the P.A and resistance fighters in Tulkarem, and Jericho before the two areas were handed to the P.A.


Yet the source did not report whether this agreement indicates that Israel will hand the responsibilities in Nablus to the P.A. 

Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, and the Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, discussed this week the issue of handing the issue of handing the P.A security responsibilities in Palestinian cities, especially Bethlehem and Qalqilia.