Translated by, George Rishmawi-IMEMC

The family of the Prisoner Ismael Shakshak from Rafah city south of Gaza Strip called upon all the International Human Rights organizations and the Palestinian Prisoners Society and the International Red Cross Society to interfere to save the life of their son in Israeli jails.

Shakshak is suffering serious health condition and is still on an open ended hunger strike he started for the 26 day in protest to the lack of medical treatment in prison.

‘Um Mohammad’ Shakshak’s mother said, she is very concerned on the life her son.

She added, ‘The Prison Authorities transferred Shakshak from Kfar Yona to Temond prisons claiming that he was inciting other prisoners to resume their hunger strike. Upon arrival to Telmond prison he fell unconsience and was taken to the hospital.’

Besides, the mother said, Shakshak received his imprisonment extension upon arriving at the hospital for another six months, which had him to insist on resuming the hunger strike and refusal of medical treatment.

This is the eighth time the administrative detention order is being renewed for Shakshak according to the mother.

She added that a Doctor from the Red Cross visited Ismael recently and said he is suffering low sugar in the blood and might have cancer in his stomach and other fatal diseases if he does not receive adequate and immediate medical treatment.

Um Mohammad said, In Kfar Yona prison, he was put in solitary confinement for one week with his hand and legs are cuffed after a quarrel he had with the warden after the second was trying to force them to do a strip search to stop their hunger strike, since Shakshak was accused of being one of those who strongly incited other prisoners to carry our the hunger strike.

Informed sources said, one of the high ranking officers in the Israeli Prison Authority met Shakshak in Kfar Yona prison and suggested that they end their strike for the administration to fulfill the prisoners demands. Shakshak refused the proposal for lack of guarantees, and regarded this attempt as a trap to force the prisoners to stop their strike without any achievements.

Shakshak’s mother declared that she will go on hunger strike in solidarity with her son and sent a call to act fast and save the lives of her son and the other prisoners.

Shakshak has been arrested on April 4, 2004 and was subject to Israeli intelligence interrogation for over 60 days. His family said he was very badly tortured and was not allowed to sleep for several days and was denied toilets for along time. This caused him several side effects and his condition worsened every day.

Shkshak was among other prisoners who suffered serious burns in his body when one of the Israeli criminal prisoners in Kfar Yona poured boiling oil at them a month ago.