In a phone interview with Arabynet news website, a prisoners’ representative, who identified himself as “Abu Ahmed” said “we will win the struggle regardless of extensive oppressive measures.”

Q: How do you see the hunger strike progressing?

A: 1,500 prisoners in four main prisons already started the huger strike, in few days the number will reach 4,500 prisoners, and the rest of prisoners in military detention centers will join later.

Q: but, the prison authority said that you demands will never be accepted

A: they can say what they want, but based on the past experience, in few weeks, the prison authority will be forced to accept or fair demands.

Q: demanding education, communication facilities, and better food is seen by Israelis as luxuries.

A: we are not demanding a luxury life, but a human one. We are not asking to be released, but demanding the right to be visited by our families without humiliations. We call for an end to solitary confinement, an end to humiliating strip searches, to be allowed to communicate with our families; we ask to be treated with respect.

Is it too much to demand to cook our own food, to receive proper medical treatment, and to call for an end to humiliating and oppressive measures?

Q: Israeli Internal Security Minister said “Prisoners can starve to death”

A: those are provocative and racist comments, but the Israeli minister should know that we are determined to win this struggle, and we will.

Q: Israeli security says that restrictions imposed are due to Prisoners involvement in planning military attacks from inside their cells

A: Those are totally baseless claims aimed at dehumanizing Palestinian political prisoners.

Q: Prison guards are planning to set up barbecues to grill meet near the prisoners’ cells.

A: this is stupid. Do they really expect that the smell of grilled meat would force us to stop our strike? They should know by now how strong prisoners are, and how silly this move is.