An Israeli Military source said that army targeted a
house which belongs to, Ahmed Jabari a senior Hamas official in
Shujaiyeh neighborhood in Gaza killing five Palestinian and wounding
eight others shortly after midnight.

Dr. Joma’ Al-Saqqa, head of the Public Relations department in Dar
Al-Shifa Gaza said that eight residents were critically wounded; the
residents killed in the military raid were identified as Fathi Sa’id
Al-Jabary, 38, Burhan Ahmad Al-Jabary, 22, Salah Khalil Al-Hayya, and
Ala’ Al-Sharif.

Al-Saqqa added that all of the killed resident were completely deformed
and burnt as a result of the explosion, and described the injury of the
eight residents as critical.

An Israeli Military spokesman claimed that army targeted a senior Hamas
activist in the raid without giving any further details on the raid and
without commenting on it results.

A local source in Gaza said that military jets were flying over the area before the explosion.

Army source said that the attack targeted a home of a senior Hamas official, and denied any further information.