Palestinian law makers are concerned that
Palestinian President Yasser Arafat does not intend to move to
practical steps towards ending corruption and implementing promised

A group of law makers held Wednesday a follow up meeting with Arafat
pressing for an immediate signing of the anti-corruption law.

Arafat told pro-reform lawmakers ‘that his speech … was enough and
that there is no need for any signatures,’ said Palestinian law maker
Azmi Shouabi.

In his speech to Palestinian law makers on Wednesday, Palestinian
President Yasser Arafat, admitted that the Palestinian Authority made
many mistakes, that some officials misused their positions, and that
some PA institutes lacked transparency and accountability, but promised
to work to correct mistakes and carry out the needed reforms.

‘There were wrong actions … by some institutions, and some were irresponsible and misused their positions,’ Arafat said

“There is nobody immune from mistakes, starting from me on down. Even prophets committed mistakes.’ He added.

‘We need to move together to correct and reform all the mistakes.’ He concluded.

Few Palestinian lawmakers expressed satisfaction with Arafat’s speech, but said to be waiting for practical steps.