Hundreds of protestors, including 50 Israeli and 25 International peace activists, took to the streets in protest of the construction of the separation wall in the West Bank village of Bil’in, on Friday, eyewitnesses reported.

Mansour Mansour, Palestinian coordinator of the International Solidarity Movement told IMEMC that troops lined up and prevented the protestors to reach the construction site, and fired tear gas and sound bombs against them.  Several were treated for gas inhalation.

The army declared the area a closed military zone and requested the protestors to leave.

The protestors wore T-shirts written on them slogans saying, ‘Your Wall is touring us apart’ and ‘Your Wall is killing us all’. They also chained themselves to each other.

According to Mansour, troops charged the crowed and the border police detained four Israelis when the protestors refused to leave.  Two were released, while the other two were taken to the Police station at the nearby Givaat Zeiv settlement.