The Israeli security services, Shabak, said on Sunday that it arrested two activists of the Islamic Jihad suspected of attacking and killing a guard of the Separation Wall near Hebron December 2004.

The guard was identified as, Sami Kamalat, an Arab resident of Israel, from Rafat south of the country.

The two members were identified as Mohammad Awwad, 20, from Ithna village, near Hebron, and Tareq Batran, 19 years old.  

According to anIsraeli security source, a probe carried by the Shabak, revealed that the two residents fired at the guard using a rifle and a pistol, and took his gun.

Also, the security claims that the pistol is currently with a resident, identified as Hazim Ghazzawi, who aided Awwad and Batran in their attack, according to the Shabak.