The Israeli southern district police arrested on Sunday a settler youth suspected to be the ringleader of attempting to murder a Palestinian youth at al-Mawassi beach in Gaza on Wednesday.

Police detectives said that the 19-year-old settler was identified by a video footage of the incident; the settler also resisted arrest and refused to identify himself.

According to the Israeli security, the settler will be brought to court to extend his remand next Wednesday.

The Israeli police said that the settler is the only suspect the police arrested after four days of searches and investigation, other suspects will be arrested soon, according to the police.

Also, the police received over the last few days several video footages featuring the attacks of settlers against Palestinian residents, including Wednesday’s attack.

Ayala Procaccia, Israeli Supreme Court Justice, extended the remands of six 13-years-olds who participated in the attack and seized a Palestinian home in al-Mawassi area; the remands were extended until Wednesday afternoon.

Justice Procaccia ordered the police to speed up the investigation to “avoid extended detention of the youths”.

Also, the judge added that the disturbance could me marking the beginning of additional violence which must be stopped.