Palestinian detainees in Israeli detention camps are denied needed medical care and suffer from extreme heat and insect infestations, according to lawyers from the Palestinian Prisoners.

Lawyer Fawwaz Shalloudi said detainees in a cmap in the Negev desert told him that Israeli soldiers have broken more than half of the cooling fans in the facility while searching them, claiming that detainees use them to hide mobile phones.

Detainee Tha’er al-Hallaqa told Shalloudi that the detainees are deprived of their medications and receive only pain-killing pills. Detainee Mohammad Adel Shalabi of Jenin, 21, is suffering from a kidney disease but does not receive medical treatment.

Shadi Jarmawi, a 22-year-old detainee from Tulkarem, said he is suffering severe pain in his head as a result of torture he was subjected to after his arrest.

The detainees demanded that Palestinian negotiators concentrate on their situation, especially that of administrative detainees, whose detentions are repeatedly renewed without any legal procedures.

For the 800 detainees in Ofer detention camp, near Ramallah, the effects of extreme heat are compounded by insect infestations, according to Kareem Hamouda, another lawyer for the Prisoners Society .

“Bugs are all over, and we do not have any materials to exterminate them,” detainee Ahmad Fadel told Hamouda. “There is no medical attention, and sometimes the detainees need two weeks in order to be able to see the doctor, who doesn’t not provide any medication except painkilling pills.”

The electricity repeatedly goes off in the camp, lawyer Hamouda added. In addition, detainees are often provided with insufficient food, which is rotten in many cases.

Hamouda also charged that soldiers force him to wait hours before visiting the detainees.

Detainees in Telmond detention camp told lawyer of the Palestinian Prisoner Society that they are not receiving the needed medical treatment,and that the administration is carelessly dealing with the sick detainees.

For example, Mohammad Jarrar, a 21-year-old detainee from Jenin, suffers continuous headaches and repeatedly faints, but the camp administration refuses to transfer him to the hospital for a medical checkup and treatment.