Israeli right-wing protestors have begun establishing a new stronghold in the Gush Katif settlement bloc in southern Gaza, Israeli sources reported Friday.

This move comes week after the Israeli army removed settlers from a hotel in Moaz Yam, where they had barricaded themselves in protest against the disengagement plan.

The new outpost, located in the Shirat Hayam settlement, was created in defiance of a military order issued last week by GOC Southern Command Dan Harel.

A soldier reported that trucks and private cars were arriving at the new stronghold laden with mattresses, refrigerators, ovens and tents, according to the Israeli online newspaper Haaretz.

Military orders forbid bringing household goods, furniture and equipment for lengthy stays into Gush Katif. However, soldiers and police at the Kissufim checkpoint rarely enforce the order on settlers’ vehicles entering the area.

Settlers have been doing construction work and bringing in large amounts of equipment over the past few days. They poured concrete in the center of the settlement as flooring for tents. 

Moshe Feiglin, an Israeli far-right activist and leader of the Jewish Leadership faction of the Likud Party, pitched his tent Thursday, rebuffing the offer of a house.

‘I want to signal the direction for the people, which is to come live in Gush Katif at any price, including in tents,’ Feiglin said.

Settlers are also setting up open huts as living quarters, and workmen are laying infrastructure for hooking all the structures and the tents to electricity.  Some old Egyptian houses located near the settlements might be taken over as well.