Israeli ministers decided during a weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday that the Separation Wall will cut off 55.000 Palestinian residents of east Jerusalem.

Also, the cabinet decided that the construction of the Wall will be completed by September, 1, 2005, leaving Shu’fat refugee camp and Aqab village east of the Wall.

The Israeli government approved a plan said to ease passage through the gates of the Separation Wall, and to bus students from one side of the Wall to the other, in addition to procedures to ease administering medical and humanitarian services.

The Israeli government said that it will “encourage” hospitals in east Jerusalem, to open branches behind the Wall.

Also, the cabinet approved NIS 17 million to the Israeli Public Security Ministry budget, and additional 8 million for the Jerusalem municipality to provide new services. 

Israeli Health Minister, Danny Naveh Israeli intends to create what he described as “a convenient passage” to allow standard residents receive health services on both sides of the Wall.

At least 3.655 school students will be cut off their schools, Ehud Olmert, Israeli deputy Prime Minister said, and added that Israel should provide daily transportation to the schools, the Israeli online daily, Haaretz reported. 

Israeli cabinet ministers were informed that the Wall around Jerusalem will include 12 gates, adding that post offices, schools, and National insurance offices will be on the other side of the Wall.

Also, Haim Ramon, Israeli minister Without Portfolio, said that all gates and crossings of the Wall should remain opened, and only to be shut down during emergency.