The Hebron office of the Palestinian Prisoners Society reported that Israeli soldiers arrested on Thursday morning, four residents in the West Bank city of Hebron and the villages of Doura, Ithna, al-Asja, and Yatta, south west of the city; one elderly man was injured after soldiers attacked him while arresting his son.

The society stated that soldiers arrested Saleh Hamid abu Rmouz, 18, after breaking into his fathers’ home in abu Sneina neighborhood, south of Hebron.

Soldiers surrounded a residential building, forced the families out, and conducted military searches in the building.

The father of Saleh said that soldiers confiscated documents from their home, a computer hard disc and other materials before arresting his son, and attacked his 60-year-old father.

The elderly man was transferred to al-Mohtasib hospital suffering from concussions and bruises.

In Doura village, Israeli soldiers arrested Ala’ Younis al-Sharawna, 22, a member of the P.A security force, after breaking into his home and searching it.

Also, soldiers broke into the home of Shihda al-Nammoura, conducted military searches, and handed him a military order informing him that his son Firas, is wanted by the Israeli security and should turn himself in to the Israeli security.

Resident Ala’ Riziq abu Sondos was also arrested after soldiers invaded al-Asja village, south of Doura, and conducted military searches in his home and several surrounding homes. 

In Ithna village, soldiers arrested Imad Hisham al-Khateeb, 22, after breaking into his home in the Schools neighborhood in the village.

In Yatta village, soldiers conducted military searches of homes, and used several homes as military posts and monitoring towers.

Most of the searches were conducted in al-Mteena and Beit Amra areas in the village.

Yatta was completely surrounded and closed over the last 24 hours, after soldiers installed dozens of roadblocks around it, and deployed troops in the street and alleys of the village.