Two Palestinians, ages 10 and 18, were killed in fighting between Hamas members and Palestinian security forces in Gaza Friday morning, according to the Arabs 48 web site. At least 20 people were injured in the clash.

At least seven members of Qassam, Hamas’ military wing, were injured in Friday’s clashes. P.A. security officer Ayman al-Mitrabee’ey was shot and wounded by Hamas gunmen in the Abu Haseera area of Gaza city, according to the WAFA news agency. 

At least two Palestinian security posts were completely burnt in the fighting.

Palestinian Interior Minister Nassr Yousef declared the highest emergency state among P.A security and police forces, and ordered more troops into northern Gaza.

The P.A. and Hamas are conducting intensive talks in order to contain the situation and spare lives.

 Today’s fighting follows a similar clash Thursday night, in which four security officers and three Hamas members were injured, and one Hamas member was arrested. The fighting broke out when Palestinian security forces attempted to stop Hamas members from firing homemade shells at Israeli settlements from the Sheikh Zayed area in northern Gaza, according to Palestinian security sources.

Dozens of Hamas members then gathered in the area and attacked a P.A military camp, opening automatic fire and burning four P.A security jeeps.

The Palestinian Interior Ministry held Hamas responsible for the clash, and said that Hamas’ actions contradict its political statements. “Especially when [Hamas]escalates the situation, and uses arms against the P.A, we will impose law and order no matter what it takes,’ said the Ministry.

“Hamas fired shells while President Abbas was in the Gaza Strip, in order to escalate the situation and pressure the president and the P.A,’ the ministry added. “Hamas fighters fired homemade shells at Israeli targets in order to achieve political gains. Now it’s using the same method against the P.A security bases.’

Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry denied reports that Sami abu Zuhri, Hamas’ media spokesman, was barred from conducting a TV interview with an Arabic satellite station. The reports claimed that P.A police stopped abu Zuhri from entering the offices of the Qatar-based al-Jazeera TV network and the Ramatan media agency

The ministry released a statement saying that freedom of speech is guaranteed to any Palestinian, and warned of rumors which are created to escalate the situation.