The Israeli High Court of Justice on Thursday considered a case filed by the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, B’Tselem, demanding investigations in all cases where civilians were killed by the Israeli army.

B’Tselem reported that 1,723 Palestinian civilians who had not taken part in any attacks or military activities have been killed by the Israeli army in the occupied territories since the second intifade began in September 2000. Of this total, 565 victims were children. 

The High Court gave the state prosecution three months to submit a detailed report concerning these incidents.

According to data collected by B’Tselem, the Israeli military investigation office initiated probes in only 132 of these cases, charges were filed in just 18 cases, and soldiers were convicted in only seven cases.

1. In two cases, soldiers were convicted of deliberately targeting civilians.

2. In three cases, soldiers were convicted of illegal usage of arms.

3. In three cases, soldiers were convicted of carelessness and causing death after neglecting injured residents.

4. In one case, a soldier was convicted of intentionally killing a resident.