The Islamic resistance movement, Hamas said on Friday that it is investing serious efforts to curb the latest violence in the Gaza Strip between the Palestinian security forces and Hamas militants.

Saeed Syam, one of Hamas leaders said “We are doing our best to end this crisis. We contacted different parties to help solving the conflict, yet we affirmed our right to resistance.”

Syam also blamed the Palestinian Minister of Interior Nasser Yousef for the escalation of violence in Gaza.

Yousef ordered the Palestinian national security forces to open fire at non-PA armed men.

Syam slammed these orders saying it comes at a time “Israel is committing crimes against the Palestinian people.”

Syam described the crisis as dangerous saying that it started when the PA security officers opened fire at activists of the Qassam brigades who were “coming back from the line of duty.”

He stressed the need for dialogue as the only way to resolve such a conflict, since what has happened served Israel only.

The Hamas leader said when the Palestinian factions “agreed on the truce, we said it should not be for free. Israel must give something in exchange which it did not.”  He added that the Yousef crossed red lines by his decision, when he gave orders to prevent the resistance to fight the occupation, according to Syam.

Syam demanded that Yousef leaves his post as Minister of Interior reminding with Yousef’s role in the clashes that erupted between the Palestinian police and Hamas supporters in 1996 in which 15 Palestinians where killed.