Friday afternoon, dozens of residents, Israeli and international peace activists conducted the weekly peaceful procession against the Separation Wall in Bil’in, west of Ramallah.

“Peace needs bridges, not Walls”, slogans which the protestors carried read, the slogans were written on material used by Israel for the construction of the Wall.

A local source in Bil’in reported that soldiers attacked the peaceful procession, and arrested 18 protestors; four internationals were arrested, twelve Israelis, and two members of the Public Committee Against the Wall.  

Four residents of Bil’in and other surrounding villages, and two internationals were injured.

The protests in Bil’in, and since Israeli started constructing the Wall, showed a significant style of peaceful resistance against the Separation Wall, hundreds of Israelis and Internationals join these protests, which reflects the international support to the Palestinians in their struggle against land grab, settlements and the Wall.