Saturday at dawn, one resident and a child were injured after Israeli air-force fired missiles Gaza city.

The missile targeted a workshop in a residential area.

A medical source at al-Shifa hospital in Gaza reported that a resident and a child girl were admitted to the hospital; both are in a stable condition.

A local source in Gaza reported that the first strike targeted an industrial workshop between Bour Sa’id and al-Sahaba streets, north of Gaza, while the second air strike targeted a workshop west of the city.

Medical teams, firefighters, and P.A police rushed to the shelled locations to evacuate the wounded, and examine the damage. 

The shelling caused power failure in the area.

Saturday, shortly after midnight, Israeli apaches and war jets shelled two locations in Gaza and Khan Younis.

The police called on the residents not to gather in the streets and remain home, especially after military apaches were notices in the skies.

Army shells Gaza, Beit Hanoun

A local source in Gaza reported that Israeli air force fired at least one missile at a workshop which belongs to a resident from Anan family, in Bur Sa’id Street, north east of Gaza, no injuries were reported. 

Also, the Israeli army reported that it targeted a launching device used for firing homemade shells in Beit Hanoun, in the northern Gaza Strip.

In a separate incident, a resistance group fired an anti-tank shell at a settlement in the southern Gaza Strip; no injuries were reported.

Another homemade shell was fired at an Israeli military post, south of the Sofa Crossing, along the Gaza security fence.

Also, a Palestinian security source reported that military apaches fired missiles at offices of a charitable society, in Khan Younis in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

Army claims that the targeted building is a workshop used to manufacture homemade shells.

On Friday at night, the Israeli Minister of Defense, Shaul Mofaz, ordered the Israeli army to prepare for a wide-scaled military offensive in the Gaza strip. 

Mofaz also ordered the army to keep full closure imposed over the Palestinian territories.