General Mustafa Boheiry, assistant director of the Egyptian intelligence, met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, on Sunday, in an attempt to reduce tension and violence between Hamas fighters and Palestinian Authority security forces.

The meeting was held at Abbas’ headquarters in Gaza.

Tayyeb Abdul-Rahim, Abbas’ top aide, said that during the meeting Abbas affirmed that there is only one law which should be followed in the Palestinian territories.

Abdul-Rahim explained that Egypt is trying to aid the Palestinians in restoring security to the Palestinian areas in order to ensure a calm Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip. He added that the Egyptian delegate will meet separately with the Palestinian factions.

General Boheiry, head of the Egyptian delegation, said that tension is still present between Hamas and the P.A, especially after the Palestinian police removed the flags and symbols of all factions from the streets in Gaza, upon direct orders from General Ala’ Hosney, commander of the Palestinian police.

The police started removing the signs and flags on Sunday in Beirut Street, and Yasser Arafat Street, in Gaza.  

Hamas considered this move as “provocative” and accused Tawfik Abu Khousa, the media spokesperson of the ministry of interior, of conducting acts of provocation, which had led to more tension.   

P.A security declared a highest state of emergency on Saturday night after an armed group targeted a P.A security officer in Beit Lahia. The officer, Raed abu Halloub, was seriously injured in his stomach.

Palestinian Minister of Interior and National Security, Nassr Yousef, said that the P.A will continue its efforts to enforce law and order in the Palestinian territories.