The Hebron office of the Palestinian Prisoner Society reported that three hundred Palestinians from the Hebron area, detained by Israel, are suffering from various medical conditions. These prisoners are being deprived of medical attention, placing their lives under serious threat.

A report prepared and published by the society revealed that the health of the detainees had deteriorated, especially after the prison authorities refused to provide them with the required medical care and medication.

“Prison administration is barring Palestinian physicians from examining the detainees, especially detainees suffering from life-threatening illnesses,” the society reported.

The society described how detainees suffering from cancer or heart disease are facing daily difficulties, especially after the administration refused to transfer them to hospitals or to allow physicians to examine them.

Detainee Murad abu Sakout from Bani Neim, near Hebron, was arrested three years ago and received a 25-year prison sentence. Sakout is suffering from cancer and cannot move from his hospital bed in al-Ramlah detention hospital.

“Abu Sakout is in a very serious condition, he needs direct specialized attention. Israel refuses to release him and claims that he is a threat to the Israeli security,” the PPS report said.

Detainee Ayman abdul-Majid Amr was transferred to Shaari Zedek hospital last week and is currently dependent on heart monitoring and respiratory machines. Amr is suffering from a disease affecting his lungs and heart and recently developed asthma.