Israeli soldiers killed two leaders of the Islamic Jihad in al-Yamoun village, near the northern West Bank city of Jenin, an Israeli military source reported on Tuesday.

The army claims that after the two failed to comply with military orders to leave the home, soldiers sent a bulldozer and started leveling it. 

“A military SWAT team surrounded a home in the village in which the two members where hiding,” according to the Israeli military source. “The two rushed out of the house firing in all direction before they were shot killed.

No injuries were reported among the soldiers.

The WAFA news agency identified the two residents as Ibrahim Thaher Abahra, 32  years old, and Warrad Mohammad Abahra, 31.

The army claims that the two residents are responsible for many attacks carried out recently against settlers and soldiers.

Two other residents were arrested in the village.

Also, Israeli soldiers intensified military activity around Jenin and several surrounding villages.

Dozens of residents were held and interrogated for several hours at military roadblocks installed at the entrances of the villages.

Soldiers broke into dozens of shops and stores at the southern entrance of Jenin and conducted military searches. 

Elderly man, two sons arrested in al-Yamoun

Tuesday morning, Israeli soldiers invaded al-Yamoun village, west of the northern West Bank city of Jenin, arrested a father and his two sons, and partially leveled their home.

A local source in the village reported that soldiers installed roadblocks around the village and invaded it from several entrances especially the main entrance.

The source stated that soldiers arrested Salah abu Hasan, and his two sons Azmi, 37, and Raed, 33, and transferred them to an unknown destination.

Also, soldiers bulldozed sections of the home of residents Samer Bassam Sammar, and uprooted dozens of olive trees surrounding it.