Israeli soldiers arrested on Tuesday, four residents in Hebron and the neighboring village of Kharas, northwest of the city.

A local source in Hebron reported that soldiers arrested Mousa Mohammad Salalha and Samer Ibrahim Salalha, from Kharas village, while they were at Sa’ir village, east of Hebron.

Also, the Palestinian prisoners society in Hebron reported that soldiers broke into homes in the city, conducted military searches and arrested Mohammad Khalil Yaghmour, 18, and Bilal Ahmad al-Zghayyar, 23 years old.

Hilmy Yaghmour, the brother of Mohammad, said that soldiers surrounded a tailoring workshop in the city and arrested his brother.

Mohammad is a first-year student at the Hebron University.

Also, soldiers conducted military searches in the factory and some surrounding area, damage reported.