Israeli soldiers, supported by several armored vehicles, invaded the Shweika area on Tuesday afternoon. They conducted military searches of homes, a Palestinian security source reported.

“Dozens of homes were searched,’ the source said. “Soldiers used several homes as monitoring towers and military posts.”

According to eyewitnesses in the village soldiers broke into the homes of Kamal Na’alwa, Mazin Ikbariyya, Jaber Ikbariyya, Mohammad abu ‘Of, Azzam Dheiliyya, Kamal Dhameery and Khaled Shalabi.

Soldiers remained in the home of Mahmoud Ja’roun, near the main entrance of Shweika, and of Hasan Jom’a, opposite to the entrance of Tulkarem refugee camp. 

The Ja’roun’s home was occupied several days ago.

Dozens of homes were also searched in the eastern neighborhood of Tulkarem.

The army deployed troops on a road between Iktaba and Bal’a, east of Tulkarem.  

Ennab checkpoint, east of Tulkarem remained closed. Soldiers closed the Iron Gate of the Separation Wall and barred the residents from crossing it.

Several checkpoints were installed near the villages of Saida, Allar and Qaffeen.