On Tuesday the President of the Israeli High Court of Justice, Aharon Barak, instructed the state to provide buses for the return of anti-disengagement protestors from Kfar Maimon, in southern Israel, where a rally is being held.

Police stopped the buses carrying the right-wing protesters while en-route to the rally site on Monday. Police also confiscated the drivers’ licenses of the bus drivers who carried protestors.

An urgent hearing was held as a petition was filed by transport companies against the police decision to prevent buses transporting protestors.

The state’s representative at the hearing, Yuval Roitman, stressed that the buses will arrive empty at Kfar Maimon.

Around 20,000 right-wing protestors joined the rally in Netivot, a figure which did not match organizers expectations.  Settlers’ leaders expected 100,000 protestors to join the rally and for 40,000 to march to the Gush Katif settlement bloc.