Ismail Haniyya, one of the prominent political leaders of Hamas, said that the movement ended all forms of tension, and is ready to meet and hold talks with the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas.
“Weapons will only be used to resist the occupation”, Haniyya said in a press conference held at Ramatan Agency in Gaza.

Also, Haniyya added that Hamas does not have any animosity against the P.A, “internal conflicts do no serve the interests of the Palestinians people”, he added.
Hamas and Fateh started continuous talks on Tuesday at night, and agreed to end the tension between them.


“The Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip is an important national achievement, which came as a result of the continuous resistance and sacrifices of our people”, Haniyya stated.

Haniyya reiterated the movement’s position to the political variety in the P.A in order to guarantee fair representation of the Palestinian factions. 

Also, Haniyya said that the movement is still committed to the Cairo agreement, and added that it has the right to retaliate to the Israeli violations.

Responding to reporters questions concerning the firing of homemade shells at the

Israeli settlements and military camps, Haniyya said that the “real problem is the occupation, and its violations”.

Haniyya stated that the real issue which escalates the situation is not the firing of homemade shells, and that the real problem is the occupations and its continuous attacks.

“If Israel continues its violations, invasions, assassinations, and does not release the detainees, then the resistance will have to defend the people”, he said.

Meanwhile, Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas said that the internal agreement arrived between the Palestinian factions in Cairo should be implemented, and that all Palestinian movements should be part of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, PLO.

Abbas also called for setting the for the Local and Legislative lections. 

Five wounded as Fatah, Hamas clashes renew

Five Palestinians were wounded when clashes between the two major Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas renewed in Tal Al-Hawa area in southern Gaza Strip, Palestinian sources reported on Wednesday.

The sources said that a group of armed Hamas men opened fire at an office that belongs to the Palestinian Security forces and at one of Fatah’s offices in the area, where  prominent Fatah leader Abdullah Alafranji works. 

Fatah armed men responded by opening fire at Hamas men.  Five were wounded, two Hamas men and three of the Afranji companions.  Their wounds were described as minor.
 Additionally, Hamas gunmen opened fire at the officer of another Fatah leader, Samir Mashharawi in the Gaza Strip, but not injuries were reported.
 These clashes came after a mid-night agreement to halt all fights between the two movements.
Hamas and Fatah have decided on mid-night to put an end to the clashes between the two groups in northern Gaza, leaders of the groups announced at a news conference.
The clashes went on for several days after Hamas accused Fatah of being responsible for setting two Hamas offices and a car on fire.

‘We agreed to withdraw all armed forces from the streets of northern Gaza,’ declared local Hamas leader Nizar Rayyan, according to Haaretz. He added that ‘Nothing is better than our unity against our enemy (Israel).’