A Palestinian medical source in Qaryout village, south of the West Bank city of Nablus, reported on Wednesday evening that an extremist settlers group stabbed a child to death.

The settlers attacked Yazan Mohammad Mousa, 12 years old, and repeatedly stabbed him, the source stated.

Yazan was with another child he they were attacked, the second child managed to escape unharmed.

A source at a clinic in the neighboring village of Qabalan said that the child died of his wounds at the clinic in spite of extensive efforts to save his life.

The child was stabbed 11 times, the source added.

The Israeli police reported on wednesday at night they that the assailants might be from Shiloh settlement, adjacent to the village.

The Israeli police initiated a probe in the incident, and claimed that the child was involved in a fight with settler youths.

However, the Israeli police claimed on Thursday morning that in spite that the father of the boy blamed the settlers, he was unable to identify them for certain.

According to Israeli police sources, senior Palestinian figures told the Israeli army that the boy might have been murdered within the context of clan feud.

“Officers are probing the event”, Israeli Police spokesman Shlomi Sagi said“, “the boy might have been stabbed in a family feud”, he added.