Israeli police arrested on Wednesday at least 250 anti-disengagement protestors who managed to infiltrate to Gush Katif, declared by the army as a closed military zone, Israeli sources reported.

Police also detained a number of Kfar Maimon protestors attempted to cut the fence part of the Gaza Strip boundary and reach Gush Katif on foot.

In the past few years, several Palestinians were killed when they approached that fence.

Despite the arrests, settlers claimed that some 1,000 pullout foes succeeded in infiltrating into Gush Katif overnight.

At least 1500 protestors remained in Kfar Maimon, as planned by the Yesha Council, the main organizers of the demonstration.  Meanwhile, although hundreds of them were sent home, yet thousands of soldiers and police officers, remained there to block the right-wing protestors from infiltrating the Gaza Strip.

Army reinforced I troops at the Kissufim roadblock following settlers threats to infiltrate the Gush Katif bloc thought alternate routes.

On Wednesday night, an Israeli soldier was run over when settlers refused to stop at the roadblock and provide identification at the Kissufim crossing.

The driver was arrested, and the Givati Brigade infantry soldier, was lightly injured and taken to Soroka hospital in Beer Sheva the Negev for treatment.

Police chiefs on Wednesday expected violence to erupt between the protestors and the police.