Israeli soldiers abused a Palestinian taxi driver from Dir Samit village, near the West Bank city of Hebron, after stopping him at a military checkpoint adjacent to Doura village.

Ibrahim Fuad Rayyan, 35, said that soldiers had installed a checkpoint overnight in Tarousa area, west of Doura, and stopped him for a ‘routine’ search.

Rayyan works on the Hebron-Jericho bridge route. 

“I work on the Doura-Jericho line and transfer residents to the bridge on their way to Jordan,” Rayyan said. “They stopped me for more than one hour, forced me to undress while searching my car and severely punched me and hit me with their batons,” he added.

The soldiers intentionally kicked the sensitive parts of the driver’s body and then one of the soldiers urinated on him after forcing him to undress, while the rest of the soldiers laughed and insulted him.

Rayyan added that soldiers stole 400 NIS and his mobile phone from the taxi, while shouting and threatening to kill him. 

The soldiers also searched his car and intentionally destroyed the seats and windows.