An Israeli military court sentenced on Friday two Palestinian children to harsh terms, after charging them of membership in al-Aqsa brigades, the military wing of Fateh. 

Nasser Kahled Daoud, 15, was sentenced to eleven years, after the Israeli prosecution claimed that he is an “active member” of the brigades.

The father of Daoud described the courts decision as “racist” and “outlawed” since it is a direct violation of all decrees and agreements concerning the rights or children.

“The judge who sentenced my child should be sent to an International Court for war crimes”, the father said, “the Israeli prosecution and intelligence, motivated by racism, are acting against the law, and violating every international agreement by arresting children and sentencing them”, the father added.

Also, the court sentenced Nasser Awartani, 16, from Nablus, to eleven years.

Israeli prosecution also claimed that Awartani is a member of al-Aqsa brigades.

Both child detainees are detained now in Telmond detention for children, which are filled by child detainees arrested by the Israeli army.

Telmond detention, as well as all Israeli detentions, lacks the basic elements of daily living, the detainees are facing daily hardships and deprived of their basic rights guaranteed by the International law.  

Medical treatment and medication are close to none, the detainees can only receive painkilling pills to every sickness they suffer from.

The rooms are cold, filled of humidity and always overcrowded, while the army repeatedly breaks into the rooms to search them causing damage.