The Detainees Media Center reported on Saturday evening, that Israeli Prison Authorities intends to transfer 600 detainees from central prisons to the Negev detention camp, in the Negev desert.

The center stated that the administration at the Negev detention informed the representatives of the  detainees that it will transfer 600 detainees, including child detainees, to the Negev detention in the coming few days.

The detainees will be held in old branches, which were recently emptied after the detainees were moved to new branches of the detention.

Also, the center added that the branches of the Negev detention are isolated from reach other, and separated by barbed wires and walls.

It is worth mentioning that soldiers based at monitoring towers surrounding the branches of the detentions, repeatedly threw garbage at the detainees, and used hot water against them during their protests and hunger strikes.