An Israeli security source reported that soldiers arrested a Palestinian bomber from the Gaza Strip on his way to carry suicide bombing in Tel Aviv.

“The bomber was arrested inside the Green Line, near the Gaza security fence”, army source reported.

According to the Israeli security, the bombing was organized and planned by the military wing of Fateh.

“The bomber is 18 tear old from Jabalia refugee camp, in the northern Gaza Strip”, Israeli security source reported, “he infiltrated the security fence surrounding the Gaza Strip near Kibbutz Nir Am, in the Sderot area”

“Army trackers followed the resident and arrested him in a field several hundred meters from the security fence”, army source said.

“The bomber attended to detonate his explosive vest, but the device failed to detonate”, Israeli security source reported.

Soldiers arrested the bomber and transferred him to the Israeli security, Shin Bet, for interrogation.

A short time after arresting the bomber, soldiers arrested another Palestinian man who is believed to be his handler.

The arrested resident is a Palestinian man married to an Israeli Arab woman, who carries an Israeli identity and lives in Jaffa.