Lawyer of the Palestinian Prisoner society, Hasan al-Sheikh, reported that he met two child detainees in Aztion detention center, near Hebron, who informed him of the ill treatment and abuse they face on daily basis.

Detainee Mohammad abdul-Jawad Gheith, 17, was arrested along with his cousin near their home, close to the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron.

Gheith said that soldiers hit him severely with their guns and batons when he was arrested and later punched him in Aztion detention, causing fractures to his left hand.

Lawyer al-Sheikh stated that soldiers forced Gheith and his cousin to undress in front of settlers, and using mobile phone cameras filmed them as they did so.

“Soldiers insulted them, and used military dogs to frighten the two children,” al-Sheikh said, “they hit and punched them instead of transferring Mohammad to a hospital to treat his broken arm”.

In a separate incident al-Sheikh, said that he also met detainee Marwan Saadi al-Qawasma, 20 years old, and noticed clear indications of torture on several parts of his body.

“Al-Qawasma was bleeding, and badly bruised,” al-Sheikh said.