Israeli soldiers arrested on Monday, one resident in the old city of Hebron, and resumed its house-to-house searches in the old city for the third day.

A Palestinian Security source in Hebron reported that soldiers arrested Sameer abdul-Hameed al-Dweik, and transferred him to a military camp near the city.

The source stated that soldiers detained and interrogated dozens of residents for several hours, and conducted military searches in homes and stores in the city.

Also, soldiers resumed their military blockade to the Ibrahimi mosque area, and several surrounding neighborhoods for the third day.

The market area in the old city, al-Qasaba neighborhood and the Municipality Square remained closed after soldiers installed several checkpoints barring the residents from entering or leaving them.

Also, soldiers detained dozens of residents near the Abraham Abino illegal settlement outpost in Hebron.

Dozens of residents, especially the youth, were handed military orders to meet with Israeli security officers for interrogation, in Kfar Aztion military camp, near the city.