Israeli Prison Authorities transferred detainee Ghalib Hasan Jaradat, 23, from Sielet al-Harithiyya, west of Jenin to solitary confinement in Hadarim detention.

Jaradat was arrested during a special under-covered military operation in November, 5, 2003, after the army broke into his village, home and arrested him.

Jaradat was sentenced to 35 life-terms and additional 35 years, after the Israeli prosecution charged him with membership of the al-Quds Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Jihad, recruiting Palestinian fighters to carry out attacks against the Israeli army, and carrying attacks against Israeli targets.

He spent several months in Gilboa’ detention, confined to solitary, then he was transferred to Hadarim detention and confined again to solitary and deprived of all his rights.

The army took his clothes, and personal belongings away from him; prison administration is rejecting to treat him for sicknesses he contracted in prison.   

Jaradat is currently suffering from sight problems as a result of solitary confinement in dark cells, yet the army is not allowing him to be medically examined, and rejected appeals by his family to send medication for him. 

The family of Jaradat said that they are not allowed to visit him, and appealed humanitarian organization to interfere and move their son out of solitary, and provide him with the needed medication and medical care.