Israeli soldiers arrested a resident in Azzoun village, east of the West Bank city of Qalqilia; another resident was badly bruised east of the city after the soldiers attacked and clubbed him.

Ihsan abdul-Latif, head of Azzoun village council, said that several military vehicles and jeeps invaded the village from the northern and southern entrances, conducted military searches and arrested Samer Saleem Badwan, 34.    

Also, soldiers held and interrogated several residents, especially the youth, after breaking into their homes.

In a separate incident, soldiers attacked a resident from, Izbit al-Ashqar area, east of Qalqilia, and severely clubbed him, causing serious wounds and fractions.

A local source in Qalqilia reported that that Ayman Ahmad Younis, 28, was stopped at al-Zawiya checkpoint, and severely attacked and clubbed by the soldiers.

A medical source at al-Aqsa Medical Center in Qalqilia reported that Younis sustained sever internal bleeding, and several fractions in his body.

Younis was admitted to surgery and is currently in a stable condition.