Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmad Qorei called on the United States, the International Community and the Quartet to hold their responsibilities, and pressure Israel in order to stop its violations in the occupied territories, the Jerusalem siege, settlements and the Wall. 

The statements of Qorei came during a workshop with the elected local councils.

“Every peace effort is dependant on the Israeli actions, they must stop their violations”, Qorei said, “Peace start in Jerusalem, and ends in Jerusalem, it starts when Israel acknowledges the Right of Return, when Israel stops its settlement activities, peace starts when we establish our Palestinian Independent State, with Jerusalem as its capital”.   

Also, Qorei added that the Separation Wall is killing the two states solution and the future Palestinian State.

“Israel intends to implement its plan and withdraw from Gaza, yet they are grabbing more lands in the West Bank and resuming their settlement activities”, he added.

Qorei also said that the Palestinian Legislative elections should be conducted after the current legislative council approves the new elections law, and that he will negotiate with the Palestinian factions on the date of these elections.

Referring to the internal violence which erupted in the Gaza Strip, Qorei said that all factions should act in accordance to the national interests of the Palestinian people, and should peacefully resolve the internal conflicts in order to achieve unity, independence and continue the reforms. 

“All factions should be committed to the Cairo understandings, which came as a result of extensive talks between the Palestinian movements”, Qorei said, “the unfortunate events and violence in the Gaza Strip should be ended, we will achieve security”. 

Moreover, Qorei said that all Palestinian factions and the Palestinian Authority have the same goals and aspirations to achieve independence, and stop the Israeli expansion policies.

“The Wall and settlements are the biggest threats and obstacles, withdrawal from Gaza will be pointless if Israel resumes its activities in the West Bank, and isolates Jerusalem”, Qorei added.

“The United States, the Quartet and the International Community should monitor the Israeli commitment to the Road Map Plan”, Qorei said, “withdrawal from Gaza and northern West Bank areas is only the first step which should be followed by arrangements for further withdrawals from the West Bank, and Jerusalem, it should be the first step which is followed by recognition of the Palestinian Independent State”.