The Knesset voted on Wednesday on law to limit citizenship rights of Palestinians married to Israeli citizens, the law passed by 59-12.

According to the approved law, the state will discuss citizenship applications only if the Palestinian man is 35 years old and older, and if the women are 25 years old and older.

The new decision is related to an “emergency measure” approved by the Knesset and was due to expire on July 31, 2005.

The “emergency measure” barres the Palestinians from becoming Israeli citizens under family reunification policies.

The amendment, to the Citizenship Law, which was approved on Wednesday, is claimed to “ease” the Israeli emergency regulations by allowing Palestinians to become Israeli citizens.

The new law remains part of the law limitations on family unification which was previously considered temporary by the Knesset.

Also on Wednesday, the Knesset plenum approved amendments to a law called “Intifada law”, in order to limit the ability of Palestinian residents to sue Israel for damage occurred during the Intifada.

The amendments passed by 54-15 in the second and third readings of the law which was submitted by the government, one abstention was reported in the vote.