Israeli soldiers installed an iron fence around the village of Z’ayyeim, east of Jerusalem completely separating it from the city.

Omar Sbeih, head of Z’ayyeim village council, reported that the village in now surrounded by a fence which is 1500 meters long and 2 meters high.

Z’ayyeim village is inhibited by 4000 residents, 90% if the residents are bearers of Jerusalem identity cards.

Sbeih said that this fence was installed in order to isolate the residents of the village and bar them from entering Jerusalem.

“The village is considered the eastern gate of Jerusalem; it separates it from Maali Adumim settlement”, Sbeih said, “Dozens of residents are leaving their homes now, leaving their village as a result of the Israeli procedures”.

“This fence is part of the Israeli illegal practices which aim to isolate the Palestinian residents, and separate them from Jerusalem”, Sbeih added.