Israeli authorities stepped up its destructive policies against the Palestinian residents, leveling dozens of homes and constructions in the West Bank and in Jerusalem, which is a direct violation to the principles of human rights and the international law.

An Israeli committee which is active against home demolitions accused the Israeli government of planning to level more Palestinian homes, namely in Jerusalem area in order to construct Jewish neighborhoods east of the city.

“Israel is attempting to control Christian and Muslim properties in Jerusalem, and leveled several homes in these areas in order to construct homes for settlers”, the committee reported, “Israel is using its Gaza pullout plan as a cover to its violations in Jerusalem, and the surrounding areas”.


Also, the committee reported that these acts are considered direct violations to the articles of the Road Map Plan which state that Israel should freeze all of its settlement activities in Jerusalem, and several surrounding neighborhoods such area Silwan, Shu’fat, Anata, al-Ezariyya, Sur Baher, and Beit Hanina, in addition its settlement construction and expansion in the West Bank.  

Al-Haq Institution in Jerusalem appealed the international community to act in order to stop the Israeli policies of leveling Palestinian homes and constructions, which are considered direct violations to the International Law and the Fourth Geneva Conventions.

“Home demolition is part of the Israeli collective punishment policies, these policies directly affect the daily livelihood of the residents”, the institution reported, “70% of the residents are living in poverty, and 60% are unemployed”.

AMNESTY International reported that Israel has used over the last decades policies which forcedly evacuated Palestinian residents from their homes, and leveled them, including Palestinians living in Israel.

Over the last three and a half years, Israel stepped up its violations and leveled hundreds of homes mainly in refugee camps, which increased poverty rates in the occupied territories.

3000 homes, public facilities and stores were leveled; the army also bulldozed and uprooted thousands of Dunams of farmlands. 

Recently, the army leveled the home of Taiseer Eed, 60, in Jinsafut village, east of Qalqilia, and demanded him to pay for the expenses of leveling his home. Soldiers also leveled several barracks and homes in the area after claiming that they were illegally contracted.

Also, the army leveled recently three Palestinian homes in al-Khader village, west of Bethlehem.

Nawwaf Souf, head of the Civil Affairs department in Salfit, said that the army is threatening to level seven additional homes in Salfit, in addition to workshops and other constructions.

In Masha village near Salfit, Israeli soldiers informed several residents of intentions to level their homes, and that they should head to the “Civil Administration Office”, which belongs to the Israeli army, in Beit Eil settlement.

The residents were given three days to file appeals against the demolition orders.

The homes belong to Mohammad Othman Amer, Malik Nihad Amer, Basheer Yasser Alawna, and several other residents.

Also, the Jerusalem municipality leveled a home in Jabal al-Mokabber village, and claimed that it was illegally constructed.

The home was leveled after soldiers and Israeli policemen invaded the village and declared it a closed military zone.

In Tubas, soldiers leveled dozens of agricultural farm barns and stables in the northern plains areas.

Oqab Dharaghma, head of Tubas municipality, said that military bulldozers are ‘actually conducting war crimes”, leveling the homes, bulldozing the farmlands, which is damaging the Palestinian economy and increasing poverty rates in the area.

Collective punishment policy, which was outlawed by the International Community and the United Nations, is still widely practiced by Israel in the occupied territories which is considered a direct breech to the international resolutions and regulations.