Israeli soldiers killed a Palestinian resident in the West Bank city of Tulkarem, a Palestinian security source in the city reported on Thursday evening.  The army claims that the their target had transported the bomber who carried out the July 12 bombing in nearby Netanya, in which five Israelis were killed.

Moayyad Fathi Mousa, 27, was killed after the Israeli Special Forces surrounded his home in the Izbit Shoufa section of Tulkarem and attempted to arrest him.

According to the army, the father of Mousa was forced out of the home and told the soldiers that no one was inside, but the soldiers sent a military dog into the house and found Mousa hiding in a storage room.

“Soldiers shot Mousa dead,” an army source reported. “But it was not clear whether he was armed.”

Soldiers also broke into dozens of homes in the area, conducted military searches, and fired live ammunition and rubber-coated bullets at dozens of residents. Several residents were injured.