Marwan Sa’id al-Qawasmi, a 20-year-old from Hebron who is being held in Israel’s Kfar Atzion detention camp, is suffering from critical health conditions, according to attorney Mohammad al-Shadfan of the General Committee Against Torture.

Detainee al-Qawasmi was arrested eleven days ago and placed in a small, dirty cell filled with insects and bugs, which caused a skin disease.

In addition, soldiers recently provided al-Qawasmi with tainted food and yoghurt, which – in addition to the bugs and insects – poisoned his body, causing continuous headache, faintness, diarrhea, and a skin disease. Meanwhile, the administration of the detention facility continues to neglect his right to medication.

Al-Shadfan appealed to humanitarian organizations to intervene and press Israel to move al-Qawasmi out of detention and provide him with the needed medical attention and treatment

“This is a direct violation to article 31 of the Fourth Geneva convention,” al-Shadfan said. “It states that every detainee should be medically examined at least once each month.”