Ansar al-Sajeen, of the Prisoners’ Support Society, demanded that the Israeli prison authorities probe the death of detainee Jawad abu Mgheisib, 18, who died at the Negev detention, apparently from medical neglect.

The Society said that the Israeli prison authorities are deliberately neglecting the rights of detainees, imprisoning them under very difficult and inhumane conditions. The detainees are deprived of their basic rights as guaranteed by international law and the Fourth Geneva Convention. 

The Detainees Media Center reported that abu Mgheisib recently suffered a serious deterioration to his health, and was not provided with the proper medical treatment and attention.

Detainee abu Mgheisib was supposed to be released from detention in the coming few weeks.

Sufian abu Zaida, Palestinian Minister of Detainees and Liberated Detainees, said on Thursday that detainee abu Mgheisib was suffering from a kidney disease.

Abu Zaida held the Israeli authorities responsible for the death of abu Mgheisib after neglecting his medical rights, which caused further complications leading to his death.  

abu Mgheisib was arrested from his home in Dir al-Balah, in the central Gaza Strip, in October, 21, 2002.