The Popular Committee Against the Wall in Bel’in, west of Ramallah, reported on Friday evening that Israeli soldiers fired at a peaceful protest against the Separation Wall. Three residents were injured and several international activists arrested.

Soldiers fired at the protestors, including internationals and Israelis, while they were sitting on the ground in protest to the construction of the Wall on Palestinian farmlands, according to the committee.

Soldiers also detained one Israeli peace activist during the protest.

An Israeli military source claimed that soldiers fired tear gas at the protestors “because they burnt tires,” although the same source confirmed that no stones were hurled at the soldiers, as military spokesmen had initially claimed.

Some of the protestors carried a replica of an Israeli settlement, while others wore masks of Sharon’s face.

“Sharon is moving the settlements from the Gaza Strip into the West Bank,” was written on the settlement’s replica.  

Protestors also carried slogans in support of Abdullah Abu Rahma, head of the Popular Committee Against the Wall, who was arrested two weeks ago and remains in jail..