Israeli authorities on Friday morning barred the transfer of a sick Palestinian infant to an Israeli hospital, a Palestinian medical source reported.


Taiseer Alloun, only a few days old, was born with a heart disease, according to the source..


The infant, who is currently hospitalized at a hospital in the northern Gaza Strip, was supposed to be transferred to an Israeli hospital on
July 27, 2005, but the Israeli authorities did not approve the transfer, even though it had been arranged with the Israeli hospital.


Dr. Moawiya Hassanen, head of the Emergency Unit at the Palestinian Ministry of Health, reported that Israeli authorities have recently barred dozens of Palestinians from medical treatment in Israeli hospitals or abroad.  


Hassanen added that the closure imposed on abu Holy and al-Matahin checkpoints in the southern part of the Gaza Strip is preventing hundreds of residents from reaching hospitals elsewhere in the Gaza Strip.


The Israeli Authorities are delaying the approval of requests by the Palestinian Ministry of Health to allow urgent cases to be transferred to

Egypt or to Israeli hospitals.



Israel barred the transfer of Abdullah S’efan abu Rmeila, 7 days old, who was born with cancer in his chest, and Anhar Taiseer Alwan, and Naheel Mohammad Hameed, both suffering from heart diseases, in addition to Rateb Naim al-Fahham, 45, and Ghalia Mohammad abu Mteir, 50, and other urgent cases.