The Israeli military police has launched a probe against three non- commissioned Israeli officers suspected of looting settlers’ homes in the West Bank settlements of Kadim and Ganim.

The two settlements are slated for evacuation as part of the disengagement plan.

Israeli Radio reported that the military police suspect that the three officers looted items from settlers’ home while the occupants were in process of packing their belongings.

The three officers do not serve in the Nahal brigade in the area, the radio report added.

According to the Israeli the Disengagement Authority, some 14 settler families recently left the Ganim and Kadim settlements and handed over their keys.

The authority transferred the keys to the army to use the flats to house soldiers from the Nahal brigade. 


The three soldiers were caught in one of the houses and claimed that they were there in order to remove light bulbs from it.

Settlers recently reported several incidents of break-ins; expensive electrical machines were reported missing.