Palestinian medical sources said on Saturday that Ahmad Nassar, 39, of Rafah was treated in the European Hospital in the city for health problems caused by a device Israel uses for security checks at border crossings.

Nassar’s health deteriorated after he pass through the Rafah crossing from Egypt into the Gaza Strip. The main reason for his health problems, according to the medial sources, is radioactivity coming from a device that uses radiation for security checking. His condition is consonsidered serious.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health has warned that the device in question, which uses high-frequency waves, is dangerous and could affect the human body very badly.

Israel has denied that the device is harmful, saying it is similar to those used all over the world.

The future of the Rafah border crossing is is still unclear, despite many meetings abouyt it between Palestinian security officials and their Israeli counterparts.

Palestinian officials complain of a lack of coordination from the Israeli side over the disengagement, saying that they are left in the dark regarding many issues they describe as important and sensitive.