Israeli soldiers invaded on Saturday shortly before midnight, the village of Bani Neim, south of Hebron, sever clashes were reported following the invasions, two children were injured.

A medical source at the Hebron Governmental Hospital reported that Ibrahim Mahmoud al-Manasrah, 12, and Mahmoud Yousef Hmeidat, 11, were hospitalized shortly at dawn after the army fired at dozens of homes in the city.    

The source stated that Manasrah sustained two bullets in his pelvis, while Hmeidat was shot in his shoulder. 

Also, Israeli soldiers broke into dozens of homes in the village, and searched them after detaining and interrogating the residents, especially the youth for several hours.

Soldiers fired rounds of live ammunition, rubber-coated bullets and gas canisters at dozens of residents who hurled stones at the army after invading the village.

Soldiers occupied rooftops of several homes using them as military posts and monitoring towers.