An Israeli army officer linked to the killing of a Palestinian youth in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip was promoted to colonel.

Israeli sources said Army Chief of Staff Dan Halutz on Sunday authorized the promotion of Lieutenant Colonel Adam Zussman, who is currently serving as a battalion commander.

The source also said, that Zussman was reprimanded for his role in an incident where a Palestinian teenager was killed two years ago.

Zussman authorized a company which had just ended its basic training to hold a ‘battalion welcome march’ in the southern Gaza Strip area.


As the company was marching, they crossed an army outpost in the settlement of Morag near Rafah.

Zusmann allowed the troops to open ‘deterring fire’ in the direction of nearby Palestinian homes, killing a 15-year-old boy.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that the “deterring fire” consisted of hundreds of rounds.