The Israeli police is set to decide on Monday whether it will close the western Negev area to pullout foes who intend to arrive in the Negev for a march scheduled for Tuesday evening.

The police statement was made after the Yesha council of settlements decided to hold marches which will leave simultaneously from Sderot, Netivot and Ofakim, heading toward the Gush Katif settlement bloc.

The police failed to reach an agreement with the Yesha council in order to call off its plan, and decided to deploy large numbers of policemen in the area. 

Moshe Karadi, Israeli Police Commissioner held a meeting on Sunday with the Southern District police commander Major General Uri Bar Lev and settler leader but no final agreement was reached, and decided to meet again on Monday.

Religious Zionism Knesset member, Effi Eitam, said that the only left for the settlers now is ‘their right to protest’, adding that he fear that the situation will explode if this right is also denied.

Israeli Attorney General Menachem Mazuz met Sunday Karadi and said he authorized police to make use of all means to prevent the protestors from reaching Gush Katif, which includes blocking bus and private vehicles to enter the southern region.

According to Israeli police report, some settlers groups intend to conduct their march even if the Yesha Council of settlement calls it off.

Gideon Ezra , Israel Public Security Minister said on Sunday that he believes Yesha Council leaders and the Israeli police can reach an agreement to hold their protest in Sderot if they cancel their Gush Katif plan.

Southern district police at the Israeli army decided to deploy thousands of policemen across the country, the reinforcements will start arriving in Sderot on Monday morning.